Mamma Biscuit is a puppy mill rescue who spent seven years of her life caged indoors and was forced to produce over 100 puppies against her will. Curly Tail Pug Rescue came to her aid, rehabilitated her through foster care and found her a forever home with us in New York City on Sunday, July 12th 2009. Since then, Mamma B (as we like to call her on the streets of Washington Heights to give her some street cred) has quickly become the Lady of our home. She enjoys sleeping, cuddling and giving pug kisses although she is quite selective as to whom she gives kisses to and when. Like the true lady that she is, she never gives it away for free.

She is also referred to as Biscuit Lady, Spumoni Face, Marbles the Pug and Smug Pug among many other endearing labels—and she can answer to any of those names in English, Italian and French. She loves her short walks through Fort Tryon Park, her soft-chew biscuit treats, anything Madonna related, pop culture, British fashion and most of all, perching herself on our sofa to watch The Real Housepugs of New York on Bravo TV while occasionally gazing at the opulent chandelier that hangs above her head. Mamma B is the center of our universe, our Queen, our Savior—I mean we are a couple of Queens but she dethrones us by a landslide! In the past two years Mamma Biscuit’s charm, abnormally long tongue, bold fashion statements, cougar tendencies and general travels have gained her celebrity status from daily updates via her dad’s Facebook profile. Now Mamma is making her splash debut (a solo effort if you will) in the online blogging community! Make Mamma Biscuit’s adventure through her Golden Years your daily adventure. Visit often, laugh, comment and enjoy!!