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Pump up the Jam, Pump It Up!

The 90’s dance track Pump Up the Jam from Technotronic ain’t the only jam that can get Mamma Biscuit up and out on the dance floor to run around in circles with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. No, our … Continue reading

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Our Girl in the Hood!

Mamma Biscuit loves Washington Heights and Washington Heights loves our girl! They simply go together like Woody Allen and Manhattan. Whenever I take the Biscuit Lady out for a spirit walk through the dirty streets of our little Dominican Republic … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Search Engine!

On February 24, 2011, Mamma Biscuit made her stunning debut onto the blogosphere with her little-engine-that-could blog and since then, she has grown a legion of die hard fans from all around the world! Can you even believe it? From … Continue reading

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Mamma’s on the Sneak!

I have a confession to make y’all: I sneak Mamma Biscuit into every damn eating establishment in this city and I’m proud of it—there I said it! It’s not like it’s so hard though, my little Biscuit gremlin is so … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Secret Valentine!

Early Saturday morning there came a knock at our front door. I rarely like to answer the door because the last thing I want to do is get into a heated debate with an annoying Jehovah’s Witness about whether God … Continue reading

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