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The Juggling Pug

Mamma Biscuit’s private library would not be complete without a children’s book about a juggling pug. Our wonderful friend Julie over at Skyhorse Publishing sent our Lady of Biscuits this fantastic new book entitled The Juggling Pug, written by Sean … Continue reading

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Mamma & Pappa

I just love it when Mamma Biscuit uses her Pappa’s hands as a platform to lift herself up high so that she can view her surroundings. She’s such a nosey pug. Tommy’s palms allow her just enough stability as a … Continue reading

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Tabletop manners

If there is one thing Mamma needs to brush up on it’s her manners. Don’t get me wrong, our little Biscuit would never jump up on you upon greeting her on the street. She would never slobber all over you … Continue reading

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