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Summertime Schmatta!

There’s more than one way to ease the Summertime sadness here on this boiling, concrete city filled with humidity, smog and way too many tourists—and none of them involve throwing on that Lana Del Rey track on the record player … Continue reading

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Out and Proud!

Mamma Biscuit and family want to officially kick off our Gay Pride weekend celebrations with a visit to Stonewall Inn and the lovely Christopher Park located directly across the street. Yeah, I know, you all are thinking that Gay Pride … Continue reading

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Happy Daddy’s Day Weekend!

We are fast approaching Father’s Day weekend here and at the Biscuit household, we intend to celebrate a different kind of Daddy’s Day. Surprised? Well, if you can all recall, last year, I highlighted Tom of Finland as a major … Continue reading

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Vegan Summer Shop-Up!

What do hip New Yorkers do on a Sunday afternoon in June? They shop vegan! The Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn is hosting a Vegan Summer Shop-Up (an all-vegan market) this Sunday, June 10th between 12 and 6pm … Continue reading

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The Falling Man!

There’s a reason why I don’t look up into the sky while I’m prancing around New York City while shaking my curly tail. Ok, usually it’s because I’m shoving my snout deep into a corner full of urine to give … Continue reading

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