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Merry July 25th!

The 25th of July has finally arrived y’all and Mamma Biscuit wants to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas . . . in July! In exactly six months from today, Santa Claus will attempt to … Continue reading

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Christmas in July, Here We Come!

The past two weeks have been brutal in the temperature department here in NYC. All domestic, living beings have parked themselves permanently in front of their respective air conditioners to get through the days and evenings without suffering a heat … Continue reading

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Happy 13th Birthday Mamma Biscuit!

Why is it that in our culture, the number 13 is considered bad luck? There are way too many buildings here in New York City that actually skip having a 13th floor because of this baseless superstition—I mean, isn’t it … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday # 4

Throwback Thursday has arrived once again and it’s time to walk down memory lane alongside your favorite toothless pug on the internet! In honor of Independence Day (and our general obsession for war in the name of freedom) we thought … Continue reading

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