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A Bizarre Christmas in the Bronx!

I’m so glad that I made this Christmas post under the wire here because nothing would give me more pleasure than to ruin everyone’s New Years festivities by subjecting you all to the most bizarre Christmas display humanity has ever … Continue reading

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A Haunted City!

If someone told me a couple of years ago that the Upper East Side (where 90% of the 1% reside on the island of Manhattan) was a hotbed for gruesome, spooky Halloween displays, I would have thought they were a … Continue reading

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Dirty Linens!

It’s gotten really dirty up in Mamma Biscuit’s Pug Palace and it ain’t because she soiled the living room rug. It all began several weeks ago when I stumbled out of The Eagle at 3am (don’t judge me) and by … Continue reading

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Pug Spill!

Ok Daddy, I get it, you really love that Western shirt on the rack . . . it’s calling out your name, I totally get it! But seriously, did you have to throw all of your bags on the floor … Continue reading

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Face Lift!

I’ve always felt that there are two things that distinguish a true New Yorker from the rest of the world and both happen to be subway related. The first is that all true New Yorkers know exactly where to stand … Continue reading

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