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Runaround Mamma Boo!

This photo of Mamma in motion reminds us of Dion and the Bellmonts singing Runaround Sue. By no means are we trying to insinuate that our little girl has loose morals, however we just feel like it captures the spirit … Continue reading

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Shy Biscuit!

Sometimes she’s playful, sometimes she’s sleepy, sometimes she’s curious but mostly, she’s shy. That’s when we love her the most, when she’s coy and makes you work for it. Simply looking into her beautiful, watery eyes and thinking, wondering, imagining … Continue reading

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Polka dot dreams!

Mamma may sleep in a toile bed in the living room during the early evening hours (positioned perfectly in front of the television for optimum reality TV watching) but during the day, she likes to retire to her secondary bed … Continue reading

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Mondays are a drag!

Mamma Biscuit and family definitely have their fair share of experiences with drag queens. After all, any man who can throw on a wig, slide into a pair of heels and cake on a face with a butter knife to … Continue reading

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Mamma calls shotgun!

Mamma Biscuit has a tendency to call shotgun before we’ve even locked the front door to the apartment—and when she does, she sure knows how to utilize the entire front seat real-estate to maximize her comfort level. Enclosed are a … Continue reading

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