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Face Lift!

I’ve always felt that there are two things that distinguish a true New Yorker from the rest of the world and both happen to be subway related. The first is that all true New Yorkers know exactly where to stand … Continue reading

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Biscuits to go!

So Mamma Biscuit spent this past weekend with grandma (my mother) while we were off in East Long Island celebrating the nuptials of two very special friends of ours. My mother was so excited all week for Mamma’s arrival to … Continue reading

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Mamma calls shotgun!

Mamma Biscuit has a tendency to call shotgun before we’ve even locked the front door to the apartment—and when she does, she sure knows how to utilize the entire front seat real-estate to maximize her comfort level. Enclosed are a … Continue reading

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Mamma’s takin’ a road trip

Mamma Biscuit and family are heading on a road trip to Beantown today to visit Tova & friends. Actually, according to this photo, she may skip Beantown and take the Highway to Heaven in search of Michael Landon. Either way—before … Continue reading

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Take the “A” train Mamma!

Mamma Biscuit has become as urbane and metropolitan as any other pup who’s moved to the big, bad city in search of an adventure. This bitch is strictly an “A” train kind of gal—always running in and out of Harlem, … Continue reading

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