Biscuits to go!

So Mamma Biscuit spent this past weekend with grandma (my mother) while we were off in East Long Island celebrating the nuptials of two very special friends of ours. My mother was so excited all week for Mamma’s arrival to her second sleepover, and as you can see, we delivered our bundle of Biscuits freshly out of the oven (she was warm from napping all morning)—and to go!

Now let me tell you, it took a lot of restrain on my part to not scream from sheer cuteness-overload when we plopped our little gremlin into her Lacosté travel bag to send her on her way—afterall, we were outside in front of our apartment building and I didn’t want to make the local drug dealers uncomfortable as they made their weed transactions! Instead, I channeled all of my adoring and doting energies into taking these photos—you’re welcome!

It’s amazing how Mamma Biscuit was able to cradle herself right into her travel bag—she practically looked like a fresh delivery from a baby stork (although our little lady has gained some weight so that stork would be hovering lowly to the ground instead of flying high above while being delivered) Either way, her cradled position and that jaunty gremlin ear flapped up and over tickles me beyond belief—especially since her other ear is tucked neatly within the bag!

You all will be happy to know that Mamma Biscuit was so incredibly well behaved at grandma’s house! Minus peeing on the door mat upon entering her home, Mamma practically slept in her donut bed the entire time—right next to my mother as she was toiling away in the kitchen!

Hooray for a second successful sleepover!


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