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That Italian Pug

Ever since I wrote about those dark, dank and dated tiles in my mother’s kitchen many weeks ago, I have made a conscious effort to return and document the many different styles of ceramic tiles that have been jam-packed into … Continue reading

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Turtle Time!

Looks like Mamma Biscuit made a new friend while taking a stroll on Pier 86 yesterday. Normally our Biscuit Lady is indifferent to the many dogs that she encounters on her walks throughout this city (we don’t blame her, most … Continue reading

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A walk amongst the dead!

Mamma Biscuit has definitely had her share of graveyard experiences. Don’t get me wrong, our Biscuit isn’t necessarily draped across a tombstone dressed like Stevie Nicks on a Friday night (although knowing me, I could possibly make that happen for … Continue reading

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Clownin’ Around

Our little gremlin is giving us a serious face for such a silly cut-out clown booth in the park! Maybe it was because we abruptly picked her up from the ground to take these photos and thereby interrupted her unyielding … Continue reading

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Biscuits to go!

So Mamma Biscuit spent this past weekend with grandma (my mother) while we were off in East Long Island celebrating the nuptials of two very special friends of ours. My mother was so excited all week for Mamma’s arrival to … Continue reading

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