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Where are you Daddy?

OK, so they both just plopped me onto this Italian-style bed and left the room, when are they coming back? I’ve been waiting here for 5 minutes but no one has returned. I’m starting to feel super self-conscious with that … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Biscuits!

To say that Mamma Biscuit daydreams of cookies is not only obvious but a complete understatement! Our little Biscuit Lady lives for those moments when a cookie crumbles accidentally on the floor—and when it does, she darts right in like … Continue reading

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Back to school Mamma!

Labor Day has come and gone and the easy and carefree summer days are coming to a close. The new school year has just begun and Mamma Biscuit has been preparing for her first day of class. Surprised? Our little … Continue reading

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A laborious Labor Day weekend!

Mamma Biscuit really knows how to pay homage to the hardworking people of this country and their contribution to the economy. How you ask, by spending the entire Labor Day weekend in bed with me rolled up like a cannoli … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Reminiscence

Mamma and The Biscuits had the lovely opportunity of revisiting the St. Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto two weeks ago and stumbled upon a dealer who sold handmade bobbin lace, trim and collars from the 1920’s to the late 1950’s. … Continue reading

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