A laborious Labor Day weekend!

Mamma Biscuit really knows how to pay homage to the hardworking people of this country and their contribution to the economy. How you ask, by spending the entire Labor Day weekend in bed with me rolled up like a cannoli in one of her plushy blankets. We can’t blame our little gremlin entirely. Despite the fact that coma-length napping is Mamma’s forte, her Daddy (that would be me) came down with the worst case of allergies alongside an unknown virus—all of which put the last nail in the coffin that was my holiday weekend!

It’s amazing, the moment the clock strikes September, my nose begins to run, my eyes begin to get watery and my throat becomes dry and abrasive as sand paper in a wood shop. Boy did I have a shitty weekend and it only extended into my work week (which I called out sick from on Tuesday and Wednesday) only to visit my doctor and to have her tell me that I’m suffering from a virus along with my allergies and that I just need to “wait it out” ugh! Thanfully she prescribed some painkillers (email me if you want some for recreational purposes, 5 bucks a pill) and I have my Mamma Biscuit to cuddle up with . . . oh and Tommy too. Yes, he’s been tremendous when it came to preparing cup after cup of tangerine zinger tea with honey to soothe my unbearable throat!

Anyway, enough of my sickness talk and back to Mamma Biscuit, after all, this is her blog. Doesn’t Mamma look so cozy and cute in these photos! No prescription that any doctor could ever write up can come close to the healing power that is Mamma Biscuit!

She was there the entire time, snoring in my face and generally muscling her way into my comfortable spot on the sofa or bed. Bitch is lucky she’s so damn cute and I’m simply lucky that I did not overdose on Chloraseptic and Ricola! Oh, and lastly, here is my Tommy and Mamma having a snuggle moment as I left the bed to blow the crap out of my nose and to gargle with warm salt water!

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