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Thanksgiving Not Forgotten!

Whenever I hear people complain about how the Christmas season infringes on the Thanksgiving holiday, I only half sympathize with them. Yes, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that seems to get shafted every year and in theory, this day … Continue reading

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Apples to Apples!

I guess you’re wondering why Mamma Biscuit is seated in the pumpkin patch, right? After our last post where our Biscuit Lady stumbled upon the Great Pumpkin while taking a short walk through Fort Tryon Park, why would she waste … Continue reading

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A Pug in the Pumpkin Patch and Other Orchard Tales!

Autumn is in full swing here and Mamma Biscuit has been busy toiling away, adding the finishing touches to her annual Halloween costume. Between running around in circles while getting tangled up in the fabric of her costume and scouring … Continue reading

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Jersey Sure!

I may be a New York City boy and Mamma Biscuit may be a New York City pooch but there is a whole lot of Jersey love when it comes to the consumption of reality TV at the Pug Palace. … Continue reading

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Giving Face!

It’s been a really tough week to say the least. I feel like I have nearly forgotten about Mamma’s little corner on web here and when I do have some spare time to actually sit down and write, something work-related … Continue reading

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