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Lavender Never Looked So Good!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and actually admit that Mamma Biscuit has way too many garments! I know, I know, you’re shocked right? But seriously, if it isn’t enough that I’m constantly picking up new digs for … Continue reading

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Wimpy Winter!

So this past weekend, Mother Nature decided to remind us all that we’re still in the midst of the Winter season by dumping some snow all over our concrete island—and I must confess, we Biscuits were totally unimpressed with her … Continue reading

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A little bit of Art in her Heart!

OK, contrary to what you all might expect from us, Mamma Biscuit did not join us at the Guggenheim Museum to check out Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibit entitled All this past Saturday evening—Tommy’s Birthday. I have no doubt that either Frank … Continue reading

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Early-Bird Birthday Wish!

I’ve been running around this damn tree trunk coffee table all morning waiting for Daddy Tommy to wake up—I’ve got a yummy birthday surprise waiting for him! Snort, Snort! That’s right, today is Tommy’s birthday and big Daddy John and … Continue reading

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Mamma’s January holiday picks!

It’s time to lift everyone’s spirits! Our trees may be dead and thrown into large, annoying piles along the sidewalk of every corner in this city but Mamma’s here to remind you all that Christmas 2012 is just 348 days … Continue reading

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