Wimpy Winter!

So this past weekend, Mother Nature decided to remind us all that we’re still in the midst of the Winter season by dumping some snow all over our concrete island—and I must confess, we Biscuits were totally unimpressed with her efforts. Now it’s not like Mamma Biscuit needs any excuse like a snow storm to curl up in the Pug Palace for 48 hours to eat and sleep among the blue of a TV screen light (please, our bitch actually does just that anytime she wants no matter what season it is) and it’s not like we were looking to get completely snowed in either! The reality is, compared to the blizzard we had last year in January, this one was wimpy and weak. Now while everyone on Facebook has been busily posting their perfectly-sepia instagram photos of their outdoor experiences with these paltry 2-4 inches on the ground (which has now turned into black slush, dirt and piles of urine-soaked ice in the 50 degree temperatures and rain) I’ve decided to share with you all photos we took last year around the same time of a truly wonderful blizzard worth documenting!

Now I remember this morning so vividly like it was yesterday. We woke up to almost a foot and half of snow on the ground and I just couldn’t wait to get myself out there in Fort Tryon Park with Mamma Biscuit, Tommy and my camera! The snow was like powdered sugar and our natural environment practically resembled a winter wonderland set—hardly like what we woke up to this past Saturday morning. No, this time around, it was so damn cold and the snow was so icy and wet that all I could do was keep Mamma’s walk to a quick pee, poop and prance excursion!

So come along and take a stroll down memory lane with Mamma Biscuit. Like Johnny Mathis sang, it’s a marshmallow world in the Winter, and these photos prove that very sentiment.

And don’t forget to wear your snow boots, gloves and hat while looking at these photos—they can make you yearn for a cup of hot cocoa and a crackling fireplace!


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