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Sweet Semosh

What made Mamma Biscuit so deserving of an entire bounty of Sweet Semosh vegan baked goods? Might it be that she was such a good little girl during our recent trip to Toronto? Or that she’s the perfect model? Maybe … Continue reading

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A sniff & snuggle in the park!

Whenever Mamma Biscuit returns from a visit to the groomers her coat feels as soft and luxurious as a cashmere sweater and she smells like one of those pine fresheners (in citrus scent) hanging in the inside of a brand … Continue reading

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A confused nose!

They say that dogs have a keen sense of smell and that their natural instincts surface from time to time to remind us all of their breed qualities and wild roots. Unfortunately, Mamma Biscuit’s instincts and sense of smell are … Continue reading

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M-Dot invades the T-Dot

News flash for all you Torontonians up in Canada: Mamma Biscuit is en route to invade your city this week! The Biscuits have a family wedding to attend to in Toronto and have decided to stay a few extra days … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Madonna!

On August 16, 1958, an Italian-American girl named Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born. On that very day, Bay City, Michigan gave to the world a girl who would become the greatest pop act of all time! Madonna, or as … Continue reading

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