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Bargain-Basement Manhattan!

If the Lenape Indians had known of the kind of bargain Dutch colonist Peter Minuit was negotiating when they exchanged the island of Manhattan for beads and trinkets in 1626, the deal would have never happened. Actually, if the natives … Continue reading

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J’adore Dior

Move out of the way Charlize Theron and get lost Nicole Kidman because Mamma Biscuit is the fresh new face (albeit, a rather smooshed-in face) of the House of Dior. Our little puggie possesses the style, grace and attitude that … Continue reading

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The curious case of Mamma Biscuit!

People are always amazed to learn how old Mamma Biscuit really is upon first meeting her. Despite the fact that her snout (or as I like to call it, her pug mask) has almost completely faded from black to a … Continue reading

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That 70’s Pug!

That’s one hideous ceramic tile floor, isn’t it? Seriously, I have tried to get my mother to renovate her kitchen for years but she just won’t budge. The dark wood cabinets alone would make anyone whose mildly depressed want to … Continue reading

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