The curious case of Mamma Biscuit!

People are always amazed to learn how old Mamma Biscuit really is upon first meeting her. Despite the fact that her snout (or as I like to call it, her pug mask) has almost completely faded from black to a grayish-fawn, Mamma’s super small frame gives the outside world the illusion that she’s a puppy. No one ever expects me to say that she’s ten years old when asked of her age and when I do share that info with others, they gasp (sometimes while clutching the pearls around their neck) as if I have offended them in some way. I guess this is a good thing though—the canine fashion industry likes their models young and in Mamma’s case, her youthful look, svelte frame and her abnormally long tongue has made her the fashion icon and muse we all know and love today!

Tommy and I are always joking around about how we believe she is aging in reverse—becoming younger looking as the days pass! Just look at our Biscuit Lady in these photos. Forget the fact that the Lacoste bag that she’s sitting in looks like a snood around her neck, doesn’t she practically look like a little puppy girl? Seriously, not only does she look like a puppy but she’s also giving tenderness, wisdom and raw emotions in these portraits. Not bad for a point-and-shoot digital camera—who needs Annie Leibovitz anyway!

And here is Mamma and Pappa (Tommy) sharing a sunset moment (after the portraits above were taken) along the bay area in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Two of the most precious beings in my life!


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