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Mamma’s got Pride!

Mamma Biscuit and her two dads would like to wish everyone around the world a very HAPPY GAY PRIDE! Today is a day we take pride in the affirmation of ourselves and the community as a whole. It’s also a … Continue reading

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Mamma & Pappa

I just love it when Mamma Biscuit uses her Pappa’s hands as a platform to lift herself up high so that she can view her surroundings. She’s such a nosey pug. Tommy’s palms allow her just enough stability as a … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop Mamma!

Mamma B. is bringing ghetto realness here with her canine bling pendant. Our bitch brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it’s better than yours—she can teach you, but she’d have to charge! M. Biscuit may have … Continue reading

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Happy Daddy’s Day!

So today is Father’s Day—a celebration of fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers as a whole in our society. We all love our dads (well, some of us do) and certainly Mamma Biscuit loves us as much as … Continue reading

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Mamma’s Bohnanza

How did I get behind this hand of cards? I hopped onto Julie’s lap because I thought these cards were edible—boy was I wrong! My poor friend Julie is looking for some advice on which beans she should plant and … Continue reading

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