Mamma’s Bohnanza

How did I get behind this hand of cards? I hopped onto Julie’s lap because I thought these cards were edible—boy was I wrong! My poor friend Julie is looking for some advice on which beans she should plant and which beans she should harvest: to bean or not to bean, that is the question and here I am, clueless about all of this bean stuff. Coffee beans, wax beans, blue beans, garden beans—the only beans I think I can relate to are the stink beans in this hand. Yeah, I’m pretty stinky if I get myself into a can of beans. I know, too much information. OK, let me focus on this game (I believe it’s called Bohnanza) but I’m warning you Julie, watch out for my daddy—the big Italian lug sitting across from you. He has a tendency to slip a few cards up his sleeve when no one is looking. He’s Italian, deceiving is a national reflex. Let’s win this round as quickly as possible—it’s been five minutes since my last treat and my tummy is growling!

Snort, Snort!

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