Mamma & Pappa

I just love it when Mamma Biscuit uses her Pappa’s hands as a platform to lift herself up high so that she can view her surroundings. She’s such a nosey pug. Tommy’s palms allow her just enough stability as a platform to look out onto the crowd at a party. Here is Mamma having a moment with her Pappa doing just that at a birthday party out in New Jersey this past weekend. Tommy’s goddaughter Sydney just turned four years old and Mamma wouldn’t dare miss her birthday celebration—especially since Sydney specifically requested her presence. All of the kids were running around and the aroma of sheet cake, Capri Sun drinks and vegan cupcakes got Mamma so excited she could barely keep control over her tongue! No worries though, she got to lick some icing—our little gremlin always gets a taste.

On a side note, we love that Sydney mispronounces Mamma’s name. She calls her Mamma Basket instead of Mamma Biscuit and that just tickles the crap out of us!


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