A confused nose!

They say that dogs have a keen sense of smell and that their natural instincts surface from time to time to remind us all of their breed qualities and wild roots. Unfortunately, Mamma Biscuit’s instincts and sense of smell are as sharp as a plastic knife at a summer barbecue. It’s really comical to witness our little Biscuit Lady leaping out from her doughnut bed upon hearing the jingling of keys at the front door—and then to literally watch her run in the completely opposite direction towards the closet door in the office to greet who she thinks is about to enter into our apartment! Or to have Mamma run out of the elevator after a walk outdoors and to watch her make a wrong turn away from our apartment door as she heads right into the Dominican family’s apartment down the hall who leave their door open all the time! If you think that’s ridiculous, well then these photos really take Mamma to a whole other level of absurdity.

Poor little Biscuit was out on a morning walk along the lake when she stumbled upon a garden statue of a fawn made out of painted concrete and thought she would sniff it like a real creature! Mamma Biscuit amazes me—we could be walking throughout the streets of Manhattan and she will exude such a snotty level of indifference to any other dog who comes her way but put her in front of an inanimate object in the shape of an animal and she’s on it like white on rice. I wish I had taken a photo of her confused yet disappointed face after she worked her nose into a frenzy on this concrete lawn decoration—it was priceless!


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