M-Dot invades the T-Dot

News flash for all you Torontonians up in Canada: Mamma Biscuit is en route to invade your city this week! The Biscuits have a family wedding to attend to in Toronto and have decided to stay a few extra days for some shopping, sightseeing and to simply spend some quality time with our extended family and friends. As y’all already know, this ain’t Mamma’s first time at the rodeo up north. Last year (around the same time) we traveled up to Toronto for a family wedding and enjoyed a lovely visit to the Niagara Falls as well as a few days putzing around the streets of T-Dot with our Biscuit in toe. What we enjoy most about Toronto as a city is just how dog-friendly it actually is. Dogs in Toronto enjoy an elevated social status. Unlike many western cities where hounds are tied up on the sidewalk, Toronto’s mutts can freely access shopping malls, supermarkets, cafés, the PATH network and the subway. Try bringing a dog into a supermarket here in Manhattan without being banished by a manager within seconds of entering the premise! But back to Toronto, affluent Yorkville ladies parade pedigree pooches (ugh, they should just rescue a dog damn it) along Bloor Street. Shop attendants don’t even bat an eyelash as wet noses sniff through racks of YSL and Prada clothing. Thankfully, everyone in Toronto knows to pick up after their dogs—unfortunate footware encounters are rare unlike Paris or many neighborhoods in New York City. Anyway, Mamma intends on turning it out for our friends up north this week. We will simply throw away our city map and have her sniff out our walking tours—you would be surprised what we stumble upon when Mamma is in charge!

See you all next week!


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