Mamma’s Biscuits!

To say that Mamma Biscuit daydreams of cookies is not only obvious but a complete understatement! Our little Biscuit Lady lives for those moments when a cookie crumbles accidentally on the floor—and when it does, she darts right in like a hawk to lap up the crumbs with her epic tongue! Tommy and I constantly joke about how Mamma’s face actually resembles a chocolate chip cookie. Her buttery-fawn-folds with black-spotted features all conspire to make Mamma’s face look like a soft-batch treat that could be found down the cookie aisle at any grocery store! At any rate, Mamma has been daydreaming of soft & chewy Sweet Semosh chocolate chip treats—and of course as you all know, whatever Mamma wants, Mamma gets! So 30 minutes later, Tommy has whipped up a batch of delightful vegan chocolate chip treats and leaves everyone at the Biscuit household wondering, who the hell says dreams don’t come true?

Lets face it, Sweet Semosh Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies makes everything better. Not since Ruth Wakefield dropped toll house chocolate chip morsels into her butter cookies, has there been a more satisfying chocolate chip cookie than Sweet Semosh’s.

Dense yet fluffy, sweet yet savory, these cookies are sure to please over and over. Tommy uses Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate and sea salt to create a masterpiece of a cookie. And like a potato chip, one is never enough.

Now don’t you wish you could reach out and grab one (or two, or three) of these delicious treats. I wish I could say Mamma will save one for you, but that’s not possible.

Editor’s Note: Mamma doesn’t actually eat chocolate, but she wishes she could.


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