Mamma calls shotgun!

Mamma Biscuit has a tendency to call shotgun before we’ve even locked the front door to the apartment—and when she does, she sure knows how to utilize the entire front seat real-estate to maximize her comfort level. Enclosed are a few photos of Mamma in the front seat of our car showcasing/falling asleep on her new pug print bag by Fuzzy Nation—a group of designers that make dog inspired messenger bags, image hand and coin bags, jewelry and full on plushy, doggie-formed bags! Their OMG Collection is practically ripe for a Harajuku girl in Tokyo with a major love for pugs! Check out their web site but be warned, that typeface they use is shockingly off point for dog products and more appropriate for a V.C. Andrews/Andrew Neiderman murder mystery book—the kind that are sold at the drug store on a metal-wire revolving rack alongside steamy romance novels!

Happy Saturday!
The Biscuits

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