Mondays are a drag!

Mamma Biscuit and family definitely have their fair share of experiences with drag queens. After all, any man who can throw on a wig, slide into a pair of heels and cake on a face with a butter knife to look like Tammy Faye Baker and walk right out the door is an inspirational hero to us! With that said, Mamma B. loves her girls and they love her back. Here are a few photos of Mamma in Provincetown hitting the drag circuit—basically walking down Commercial Street on any given day or night at any given hour. If Mamma could turn back time, she’d be right back in the presence of Cher and her long, animal-like wig—if only to discuss Moonstruck—her all time favorite movie! Coco Peru was totally entranced by Mamma’s long tongue that it practically rendered her speechless—and getting a queen to shut up is no easy feat. And finally, the iconic Hedda Lettuce could not pass by Mamma on the street during her hoe stroll to say hello. She too was totally entranced by Mamma’s epic tongue and Mamma was entranced by her head-piece thinking it was a nice, crisp and tasty piece of Foxy lettuce—our girl is always up for a quick snack.

It’s hard to get our Lady of Biscuits to meet her idols in heels (damn those pesky animal/pet rules that bars and clubs enforce) however, the next best thing is Rupaul’s Drag Race on Logo every Monday night followed by Untucked. Mamma can cozy up in her toile donut bed with a fresh bowl of Pinot Grigio and watch Rupaul’s girls have at it with each other over wigs, make-up and heels. Nothing tickles Mamma more than watching poor Shangela create yet another horrendous runway look with a pair of kitchen shears, a delusional dream and an abbreviated shout-out to the Lord—Hallelu! Or Raja working yet another amazing, high fashion look on the runway but still can’t find a feminine voice to save her life! And if Manila Luzon exploits her quasi-Asian roots one more time, I think Mamma Biscuit will pack a bag and head back to China with her tongue between her legs—embarrassed for being American! In fact, the only “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent” we see every Monday night (besides Rupaul gracing the stage looking flawless) is our very own Mamma Biscuit—but we’re all still rooting for Raja in the end. The Biscuits will be watching tonight however there is one last question on our minds—how does one quantify a lifetime supply of Kryolan cosmetics? for a drag queen no less?!?

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