The Juggling Pug

Mamma Biscuit’s private library would not be complete without a children’s book about a juggling pug. Our wonderful friend Julie over at Skyhorse Publishing sent our Lady of Biscuits this fantastic new book entitled The Juggling Pug, written by Sean Bryan and illustrated by Tom Murphy (published under the Sky Pony imprint). We cannot even begin to tell you how adorable this book is and how essential it is for every dog owner to have! Storytime at the pug palace has been brought to a whole new level and Mamma Biscuit has the wagging tongue to prove just how excited and in love she is with this book.

The story of the juggling pug is about one very special pug who makes one very special town famous with his talent of juggling objects. Like a homemade youtube video gone viral, this very talented pug captures the attention of the media and becomes an overnight sensation. Before you know it, the town becomes known as “The Home of the World’s Only Juggling Pug!” and street vendors begin selling juggling-pug souvenirs to an adoring and obsessed public.

The juggling pug may be able to dazzle the public with his juggling talents but problems start to arise when his mischievous behavior rears its ugly head. When he’s not juggling he’s busy making a mess wherever he goes—digging holes here and pooping there and simply making everyone in town crazy! In conclusion, what the juggling pug along with the reader learns is the importance of being able to juggle good behavior with the limelight—take note Lindsay Lohan, this book is for you!

Mamma Biscuit can totally relate to this story as she is quite the juggler herself. She juggles between her career as a blogger, her daily coma-like naps, her walks through Fort Tryon Park (although in this heat, she’s outdoors minimally), her meals and treats and her reality TV watching—all while basking in the cool breeze of the air conditioner unit. She practically makes Oprah seem like an under-achieving bottom feeder by sheer comparison. However, unlike the Juggling Pug, Mamma Biscuit has not let her internet-celebrity status go to her head. She knows that digging holes and pooping in the pug palace is not acceptable—thank goodness we have this book to remind her in case she slips-up and forgets!


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