Beware of Dog

Can you imagine coming across a fenced-in yard that had a “Beware of Dog” sign posted to warn the public or a potential intruder from a dog like Mamma Biscuit? That would be hysterical, wouldn’t it? Our little gremlin is far from intimidating. I sometimes wonder what she would do if the pug palace was broken into. She would probably lead the intruder right to my jewelry box and then to the closet filled with couture before demanding a soft chew treat, a café Vienna and a warm bath!

Anyway, we are in the thick of summer and Mamma Biscuit is tired of this damn heat wave. In fact, she’s also tired of waiting on us as you see in these photos! You all have to understand that Mamma Biscuit is our shadow—a “velcro pug” if you will. Wherever we walk you can bet she’s a footstep away—trailing behind or annoyingly in front. Sometimes we have to tie the bitch to a post so that we can run in and out of the car quickly to complete a task! So here are a few photos of Mamma watching and waiting for us. It’s a bit of a non event but you know, she’s still adorable and pugtastic!

Enjoy and stay cool, it’s brutal out there!

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