Dog Days of Summer!

According to, the temperature forecast for this week is looking pretty brutal. Tuesday: 92°, Wednesday: 90°, Thursday: 96°, Friday: 98° and Saturday: 90°—all dangerously too hot and humid for Mamma Biscuit to be outdoors during the day. It looks like our little gremlin will have to cozy-up in the air conditioned pug palace this entire week and wait for a cool-down. Come to think of it, Mamma doesn’t really need any excuse like a heat wave to sleep the entire day away.

In fact, she has a tendency to suck me or Tommy into a deep-sleep-vortex whenever we are lounging around in the apartment. All it takes is for an innocent little break like sitting on the sofa with her on my lap to put me in a deep coma. Within 15 minutes, I’m nodding off into a spooning position with her. The next thing I know, I wake up at 4am with drool running down the side of my cheeks, the TV volume blaring during some God-awful infomercial and we’re all shivering because the apartment has turned into an ice box from having the air conditioner run all that time. So much for conservation!

Anyway, here are a few photos of the Biscuit and I sharing some quality sleepy time together. There is nothing our Biscuit loves more than to sprawl out onto our bed while pushing her hind legs against a body (mine or Tommy’s) and dropping into a 12-hour coma in an artificially chilled environment! Honestly, when I think of NYC humidity, that’s all I really want to do too so I can’t blame the bitch!

Stay cool!

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