Mamma’s on the Sneak!

I have a confession to make y’all: I sneak Mamma Biscuit into every damn eating establishment in this city and I’m proud of it—there I said it! It’s not like it’s so hard though, my little Biscuit gremlin is so compact that all I need to do is simply throw her into that nifty Lacoste travel bag of hers, wrap a scarf around her (or throw it on top of her head just to get from the front door to my table) and I’m able to enter any diner, restaurant or sushi joint in this city! What’s even more accommodating is the fact that Mamma Biscuit is a very quiet dog! She rarely barks or shifts around in her bag. She just finds a cozy nook to rest her chin on and nods off like a heroin addict after a hit of the good shit! As long as I place the bag between my legs, under the table and out of sight of any food, she’s good to go!

Now my only real problem is ME actually! I’m always making little kissing noises while I look down at her, which in my opinion must look completely wacky to anyone passing by. I can only imagine what people are thinking—like I’m coming onto my crotch or something equally as awful! At any rate, here is Mamma Biscuit waiting patiently as Tommy and I enjoyed a vegan lunch at Blossom Du Jour on 9th Avenue in Chelsea! I just couldn’t resist taking a photo to document just how unbearably cute she looked with my scarf wrapped around her entire head! It’s like her face is the center of a black, knitted abyss of coziness and warmth!


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