Mamma Versace

Madonna may be Mamma’s first blond ambition but next in line is Donatella Versace. The allure of Donatella is her long, silky, wig-like locks that cascade down her deep-fried, leathery back—the mere sight of her in a backless Atelier gown makes Mamma’s tummy grumble for doggie beef sticks—no wonder she’s such a fan. With that said, Mamma B loves the extravagance that is Versace—the second best family to come out of Calabria, Italy—the first being Mamma’s very own daddy—a man whose mother’s maiden name is Porco—yes, that’s the stock that Mamma comes from…..Pig, Pug, it’s all the same thing!

Here is Mamma modeling a signature Versace cluster-chain-link necklace after snorting a line of cocaine and blending in with the ceramic still life at the Pug Palace. Her poise, elongated neck and sheer arrogance could give Naomi Campbell a run for her money!

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