Uptown girl, downtown attitude!

Our urban girl can be spotted all around town running errands, jumping from park bench to street corner and generally spreading her good cheer to the average Manhattanite. Spring is in the air and no one can keep our Biscuit from the vast outdoors of this great big city—after all there’s an adventure on every corner just waiting to happen. Here are some photos of Mamma dazzling the locals with her charm at Verdi Square (72nd Street and Broadway and Amsterdam) on the Upper West Side. Our Lady of Biscuits deserved a few treats after the hardcore negotiating she did at the nearby flea market. We couldn’t have found a better location for her to enjoy those treats in than this quaint park along our way, heading southbound on Broadway.

When our uptown girl arrived downtown, Mamma was greeted with a huge wallpaper of Lady Gaga on the side of a building. She was totally in shock and had no idea that Gaga carried flints in her bra. Just so you know, Mamma is staunchly against pyrotechnics infused into garments when making a fashion statement but she understands Lady Gaga’s desire (and poor attempt we might add) to recreated Madonna’s cone bra circa Jean Paul Gaultier. We encouraged our little gremlin to put her paws up for Mother Monster but she seemed a bit disinterested—rightfully so I guess. After all, there is only room for one blond ambition in Mamma Biscuit’s pantheon.


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