Biscuit by the bay

There is nothing Mamma Biscuit enjoys more in the summer months than to take a long walk along the bay or the sea shore in the early morning sunlight! Sand, seaweed and a cool breeze is all it takes to put an ear-to-ear smile on our little gremlin! Thank goodness these photos were taken along the shores of Provincetown and not the Jersey Shore. The last thing Mamma would need during a morning walk like this is to be greeted by a passed out Snooki wearing pink, foamy, platform flip-flops and a cheap, tight Forever 21 cocktail dress pulled up and over her head! Well, if Mamma did stumble upon such a sight she would probably just sniff her exposed butt for hot moment and then walk off in disgust! Luckily, there was no beached Snooki or any “juice heads” lurking around on this bay and Mamma was able to relax and enjoy the natural elements along the water.

Pugs in general should only be at the beach during the cooler months or very early in the morning when the temperatures are at their lowest. They all have respiratory issues because of their smooshed in snout and high heat can really make breathing a struggle for them. Mamma seemed to be just fine on this sandy patch—just look at that smile!

I remember this morning vividly—Mamma off the leash and enjoying her boundless freedom. The Biscuits are ready for summer but there is only one problem, when the hell is it going to arrive?

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