Apples and a Biscuit!

Billie Holiday may have vocally painted a beautiful portrait of our city when she sang Autumn in New York but we Biscuits have a far better way of illustrating a perfect Autumn day in New York—and it involves our little Biscuit Lady, a little doggy wool sweater with a skull & crossbones on it, a few special friends and the backdrop of an apple orchard up in Highland, New York. Yes, there is nothing more perfect (and cozy I might add) than laying down underneath an apple tree with Mamma Biscuit in my arms and feeling the cool, brisk, breeze rushing over my face! Ok, I’ll admit that the signs that read “warning: poison ivy” placed sporadically around the orchards had me a bit worried but when we came across this beautiful patch of colorful leaves—I just couldn’t resist!

So here is our little gremlin looking like a stuffed animal in my arms during her third annual trip up to Wilklow Orchards this past Saturday. The day was simply perfect and Mamma was so damn cute as she ran through the thick and tall grass surrounding the apple trees! She’s so fearless sometimes, just running in vertigo down some fairly steep hills—all while I was chasing after her with my camera in hand! Bitch is fast and furious and only stops to pick up anything she deems edible with her epic tongue!

And here is Mamma Biscuit with her very special friends, Julie and Matt and Dean, Nicole and Sydney. Mamma sure feels the love from all corners of her sitting spot—especially from little Sydney who seems to have coined her “Mamma Basket” instead of Mamma Biscuit—now how adorable is that?

So as the song goes: “This Autumn in New York, transforms the slums into Mayfair, Oh, Autumn in New York, you’ll need no castles in Spain,” the same could be said about Mamma Biscuit! Her presence alone transforms our slums of Washington Heights into lush, rolling hills of an orchard and this wonderful season needs no frills or thrills of some exotic location like Spain. Take it from me, Autumn is complete with just our little pug running through the fields of an apple orchard at mock-speed while her overprotective Daddy runs after her like a lunatic!

Happy Autumn in New York everyone!

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