A portrait worth tiling

St. Nick along with Hanukkah Harry, Kwanzaa Kim and La Befana (the Italian witch who delivers gifts on the Epiphany Eve, January 5th) brought Mamma Biscuit and her two dads a wonderful gift this year! A portrait of Mamma on a white ceramic tile to adorn the Pug Palace. These holiday icons commissioned the wonderfully talented Nicki-Dee at the Inwood Animal Clinic to create this incredible object d’art and we love it so much we thought we would share it with the rest of the world. Nicki-Dee was able to capture the essence of our Lady of Biscuits with her artistic talent and her intricate oven-baking technique. Unfortunately, she has moved to Mexico but her work can be viewed at the Inwood Animal Clinic in Inwood, New York City. Portraits of every breed you can imagine adorn the trim of the walls around the many rooms in the small facility!

Those who are in Mamma’s inner circle know she has an intense obsession and love affair with Christmas. For Mamma, Christmas is an all-year-round affair and she is officially letting you all know that Christmas 2011 is only 300 days and 11 hours away . . . so start planning people!

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