Our hearts go out to Japan

The Biscuits are shocked and saddened to hear about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake to hit the east coast of Honshu at 2:46 pm local time today—about 6 miles below sea level and 78 miles off the east coast of Japan—it also shook buildings violently in Tokyo for several minutes and sent millions of people fleeing for higher ground. It’s been noted that this earthquake is the biggest to hit Japan in 140 years and was swiftly followed by five powerful aftershocks of up to 7.1 magnitude—all creating several tsunamis with major destruction power. Our hearts and thoughts are with those who have lost their lives and their families (a death toll that keeps rising), their homes, their farmland and animals from the massive tsunami caused by this earthquake. We are also sending our thoughts and concern to the people of Russia, Marcus Island, the Northern Marianas, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii and the entire western coast of the US and Canada, from the Mexican border to Chignik Bay in Alaska who are all under a tsunami watch.

In a violent world of natural disasters as well as man-made destruction and ever changing, odd weather patterns, Mamma Biscuit and family hope to at least put a smile on your face, some laughter in your heart and a little sunshine and happiness to your day with our silly blog! Hug your loved ones and be thankful for what you have because Life can all be gone tomorrow!

For frightening video footage click here

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