Happy Birthday Daddy John!

My Daddies are still asleep and I have just slipped out of bed to post this birthday surprise for Daddy John. He’s the taller one who often spoons me at night in bed while I’m facing Daddy Tommy! I want to wish him a very happy birthday and to thank both of them for bringing me here to New York City to live with them! They are wonderful parents, although the big lug can give me a few more treats at night when he comes home from work—the shorter fella is easier to work over—boy do I love when he’s chopping veggies for a stir fry, I just plant myself at his feet in the kitchen and I can get all the snacks I want! That reminds me, before I get back into bed, I should see if I can leap up into the cabinet to get my tongue on a soft chew treat. They’ll never know. On another note, these boys need to bring me to the groomers to get my nails trimmed ASAP, it’s hard for a pug to type with nails this long. Wait a minute, are they trying to give me the “Jersey” look—oh goodness, I hope not!

Happy Birthday

Snort, Snort, Love you always,
Mamma Biscuit

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