Seasons change!

Mamma Biscuit would like to officially wish everyone a very happy first day of Spring despite this dreadful weather we are having today of rain, sleet and snow! Yes, it’s that time of year again so let’s all help her usher in the new season of sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days. Hopefully after today, we’ll be able to pack away our heavy coats, sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves for good because Mamma B. wants to take a long walk through Fort Tryon Park in the nude. There is nothing she enjoys more than working her gremlin nose into a frenzy by smelling all the beautiful scents of budding life that the park has to offer.

So go on, get out there as well—when the day is more Spring-like of course. But before you head outdoors, Mamma would like to pay homage to her Daddy’s Guido roots while simultaneously entertaining you with this appropriate song for the transition of seasons.

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