Mamma Biscuit on Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck may have dared to mess with the King by reinventing the classic Louis XV armchair for Kartell with his playful ghost armchair but Mamma Biscuit is every bit of a Queen sitting on it and could give Marie Leszczynska—scratch that—any of the King’s mistresses a run for their money! That’s right, Mamma has finally gotten her paws on one of these translucent beauties during her visit to Boston this past weekend and she simply exudes royalty and sheer arrogance while perched upon it. In fact, our little Bitch of Biscuits demanded a soft sitting pillow for her delicate paws before posing for these portraits—which will inevitably be commissioned by the Masters to be painted and hung along the Hall of Mirrors in gigantic, gold-encrusted frames . . . and that will surely bring a huge influx of tourists to Versaille.

Avec plaisir,
Mamma les petits gâteaux

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