Pugs just want to have fun!

So we picked up this fabulous vintage hat from our friends at Bahoukas Antique Mall in Havre de Grace, Maryland several weeks ago while traveling down to Washington DC. I honestly could not contain myself when I spotted this pink gem out of a line-up of hats on the wall that would make the Andrew Sisters green with envy. The stars must have been aligned because this beauty was made to fit Mamma’s exact head size—and the veil adds just enough drama and style for our little fashionable gremlin (I know, it’s sick. Mamma’s wardrobe is growing at an alarming rate). I also had the owners of the shop in stitches when I shared with them my intentions of having Mamma wear the hat and blogging about it—and because they found it so entertaining (and slightly concerned that a pug actually has a blog) they gave me a huge break on the price which made Daddy Biscuit very happy!

So here is she is—our little girl having a Cyndi Lauper moment! Yes, pugs just want to have fun and Mamma is leading the conga line right into her dog house! Or perhaps she’s preparing to attend service on a Sunday morning in the South, or a Gay funeral/wedding in New Orleans, or heading to the Opera at Lincoln Center, or a short walk through the Champs de Élysées like that annoyingly beautiful girl in the Dior perfume ads—the point is, with this hat, the possibilities are endless!


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