Sleeping Beauty!

After a full day of decking the halls at the pug palace, Mamma Biscuit collapsed into the arms of her daddy for a nap. While occasionally twitching her bent paws, our sleeping beauty managed to make our living room sound like a freight train carrying a bunch of pigs to slaughter! Even our Christmas with Johnny Mathis on vinyl playing in the background was no match for Mamma’s disruptive snoring! When she falls this deep into sleep, she turns into a noisy pig that smells like a warm bag of corn chips! Anyway, Tommy was just so lucky to fall into this cozy spooning session with the little gremlin and I felt completely obliged to whip out my camera. We sometimes like to watch her sleep, especially when she’s laying at eye-level with us on the sofa. Shoving your face close to her snout during one of her deep sleeps provides for some wet and powerful audio! Sweet dreams Biscuit Lady, Santa will be coming soon!


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