A Shore Thing!

The Biscuits need to take a deep breath, relax and take a quick trip to the beach before the stress of the impending holiday begins! OK, we’re not really going to the beach but perhaps reliving these photos along the bay during the winter months in Provincetown can take the edge off the impending stress and chaos as we usher in the Christmas Season. Now Mamma knows what you all are thinking—that Thanksgiving has yet to arrive, why in the hell are we talking about Christmas? The answer: because we’re the Biscuits damn it! We practically define Christmas (although in reality, we probably share the definition with a bloated Mariah Carey singing All I want For Christmas while wearing a tube sock as a micro-mini dress) either way, you get my point! But Seriously, we have been assaulting our readers (you all) with numerous seasonal tips and recommendations regarding holiday decor all throughout the year so talking about Christmas now is actually late in our book! Here at the Pug Palace, the preparations are intensely detailed, laborious and often exhaustive—and with good reason as we intend on taking you on a hyper-crackhead Christmas experience for the entire month of December alla John Waters style! So be prepared to be merry, jolly, frightened, slightly offended and often overwhelmed by our coverage! Halloween was a cake-walk in comparison to what Mamma has in store for you all! But I digress, back to this lovely, serene moment on the beach with my two dogs—away from all of these holiday distractions.

These photos were taken two years ago during low season in Provincetown—our first winter together with Mamma Biscuit! Oh how the time goes by so quickly! Anyway, there’s nothing Mamma loves more than to run around on the cold sand along a deserted beach on a lazy day! If memory serves me right, it was windy and cold out there along the waters’ edge and looking back at these photos now, I’m wondering why we didn’t put a sweater on the Biscuit Lady to keep her warm. Despite that, this memory and these photographs put a smile on my face. Wow, I think that did the trick, I’m more relaxed now! It’s as if I just popped a few percocet while drinking a glass of Merlot after walking down this memory lane. I think I’m ready to flip the Bing Crosby record over to Side B and return to decking the halls at the Pug Palace!


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