Post Holiday Snooze!


To say that we’re exhausted after this holiday season is a gross understatement! I have no idea how I even had the energy to put up our annual displays at the Pug Palace let alone take them down after the new year, yet somehow, I managed to do it all. If there is one vow I promised Tommy I would keep in my lifetime, it’s to make Christmas a huge spectacle every year for the rest of our lives! No matter how old I get or how much time I think I may or may not have, I intend to keep that promise. At any rate, we spent the last couple of weeks dedecorating the halls throughout Mamma’s crib and we’ve finally gotten it all done. It’s so comical to watch Mamma Biscuit roam around the apartment wondering where all of this extra space came from. She stares longingly at the spot where our grand Christmas tree once stood, rotating on it’s stand, showcasing a menagerie of hundreds of glass ornaments. In fact, our Christmas displays are so big and insular that while they are up, the household heat needs to be turned way down or else Mamma starts panting. Also, when we take them down, suddenly, every little noise in every room creates an echo! It’s like Mamma’s pug snorts and barking brought on by demanding treats (she’s such an unyielding diva) become freakishly amplified. So when the last boxes of ornaments were put away and the last string of garland taken down, I decided to take a well deserved nap alongside our little gremlin.


Before I could even pull away the covers though, Mamma immediately plopped down in the middle of our bed, exhausted from her endless supervision as Tommy and I did all of the work. She looked like a spectator watching a tennis match while the dedecorating took place and all of her head tilting back and forth was too much physical work for our pampered pooch.


So there I let her lay while snuggled up in her tangerine knit sweater wetting my good duvet cover with her drool and tongue! There is nothing I love more than to get up close and personal with Mamma Biscuit’s face while she sleeps. Her snoring sounds like a cross between a freight train coming into the station in the middle of night and the faint sounds of several pigs squealing in the distance! Her eyes completely close and she tilts her mouth down and tucked under leaving her head to look like one of those plush tribbles from Star Trek!


Just like Mamma Biscuit, half way through this photoshoot, I got hungry. So since the Biscuit Lady was in a deep sleep, I sneaked out of the room and got myself a few Oreo cookies from the kitchen. Upon my return (and as I was chewing the last of my cookies) she woke up from her slumber.


Bleary-eyed but well aware that food was within her vicinity (basically masticated in my mouth) Mamma knew something was up—and I was caught red-handed! I swear, sometimes I feel like such a prisoner in my own home!


Anyway, after the faint smell of chocolate and cream filling dissipated, the Biscuit Lady put her head back down and fell back into her coma as if nothing ever happened. Either this is normal pug behavior or Mamma Biscuit has a tape worm!


Mamma and I got our snooze on together and it felt so cozy in our clean home. We all hope you had a very Happy New Year holiday and as soon as we get out of our sleepy funk, we plan on bringing you some fun and new adventures in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!


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