Mamma: up close and personal

Here’s Mamma in our office, basking in the afternoon sunlight as it poured in through the windows last weekend. I just love when our little gremlin climbs all over my body to get closer to me. There’s something about her weight and those beefy ham hock paws on my leg that makes me giddy and happy as a clam! I love it even more when she presses her snout in my chest or in my armpit, sniffing, snorkeling, licking and making really wet gremlin sounds like a piglet. This happens often when we are sitting on the floor—at eye-level with her—when she begins this pacing-in-circles play and walking on top of our legs or feet.

Another thing you should know about Mamma is that every morning she has a routine of running around my gigantic, long body—climbing over my pillow, pawing on my face and my ankles with every crooked and clumsy revolution around my body. At first we thought it was because she had a specific need to pace in circles on my side of the bed but after running an experiment on her by switching spots with Tommy, we learned that it’s just ME she’s singling out—what did I do to deserve this honor? Maybe it’s payback for constantly taking photos of her—and if it is, then she’s one smart pug!

Happy Friday!

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