Happy Easter!

Mamma Biscuit wants to wish you and everyone around the world a very Happy Easter! Today is a special day when we all get together with family and friends to feast and celebrate the life of Mamma Biscuit while remembering the sacrificial part of her life in the puppy mill. For the first eight years of Mamma’s life, she had given this world a bounty of pugs without her very own natural freedoms and in the past two years, she has given us a bounty of endless love and a tongue that defies nature. We give thanks and praise to our precious creature—today and always!

Here is our Lady of Biscuits in all of her Easter glory—showing true grace and style as she hatches before our eyes. Yes, Lady Gaga, take note—this is how you really make an entrance via an egg—and without looking like a wet lasagna noodle/Klingon in nude latex and cheap prosthetic body enhancements from the local Halloween headquarters! Mamma is on the right track baby she was Born This Way.

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