La Isla Bonita!

Mamma Biscuit is having a vintage Madonna moment today and is longing to dance the Samba to a Spanish lullaby on the good island. Actually, she would rather just dance in circles to Madonna on the record player all day and night in the comfort of her Pug Palace but you all get my drift. Can you blame our Biscuit for wanting to be where the sun warms the sky? Where a pug loves her dads and her dads love their pug? We totally understand girl, although I’m not sure we understand that beauty mark on her snout—I guess photoshop works in mysterious ways. When it’s time for siesta you can watch Mamma walking by—with a beautiful snout and no cares in this world. Tropical the island breeze, all of nature, wild and free, this is where she longs to be—La Isla Bonita!

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