Luxurious like Mamma

Tommy and I would rarely use the word luxurious in conversation before Mamma’s arrival into our household. It just never happened—unless of course we were watching some fashion runway footage on TV. Even then I would feel really awkward and weird saying it, like I was channeling the Countess Luann from the Real Housewives of New York or worse, André Leon Talley. Either way, it would just leave a really bad taste in my mouth. Thank goodness I haven’t adopted the word “darling” or the catch phrase “money can’t buy you class” from the (dis)Countess Luann. If that does happen in the future, I’ll just set myself on fire while screaming my pain through a voice coder.

With that said, upon Mamma’s arrival, all I do is constantly talk about how luxurious she is. Her fur, her folds, her warmth, her diamond brooch collection—all bundled up along with her dainty and lady-like disposition really defines what luxurious is to me. Honestly, she’s her most luxurious when she returns from her monthly visits to the groomers. She’s like a warm, living and breathing cashmere ottoman on four legs—and who wouldn’t want that walking from room to room in their home?

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of our Lady of Biscuits looking as luxurious as Egyptian cotton, 1000 thread count. These were taken at Decorium in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Mamma and the Biscuits are preparing for an upcoming visit to our nation’s capital in mid May and she intends on strutting her luxurious self through the charming cobble stone streets of Old Town. Decorium and especially The Christmas Attic (or how I like to call it, The Christmas Addict) are two of many sites of interest for our upcoming excursion.

Have a luxurious Monday everyone.

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