Good Olde Mamma

If being Anna Wintour for Halloween didn’t qualify our little Biscuit as a fashion police in your eyes then maybe this will. Mamma Biscuit shook her curly tail all over the Upper West Side this past Sunday and stopped into the eclectic Olde Good Things on Columbus Avenue between 81st and 82nd Street. While zig-zagging her stout frame in vertico through altered antiques, Mamma stumbled upon this fantastic, metal, police car/toy for children from the 1930’s and we simply couldn’t resist having her take a spin in it. While snapping away during this photo opportunity, we inevitably drew a huge crowd of admirers who quickly fell smitten with Mamma’s charm. Too bad her charm couldn’t do anything to alter the price on this baby—I mean, $550.00 is a bit exorbitant to spend on our little gremlin, especially after she just received a rocking horse for Easter. Who knows though, Christmas is only 235 days away and if Mamma plays her cards right, she may get her chance at being able to hand out “cell phone/driving” tickets. . . . or worse, a fashion-disaster citation by the beginning of 2012.

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