Snackin’ in the Canyon

Mamma Biscuit will snack on a soft-chew treat at the drop of a dime. If she had been in a real canyon, I’m sure the echoes of her gremlin snout gumming her treat as you see in these photos would be pretty fucking impressive! They would probably scare off any lingering canyon coyote within her immediate vicinity. Of course we can’t bring Mamma to the real canyons of the Midwest but we can bring her to an urban simulation—she won’t know the difference, trust me!

Here is Mamma and her Daddy sharing a moment together in the “canyons” of the Upper West Side. All it takes is the rustling of her snack bag to get this Biscuit to stand on two legs! Once Mamma gets her one tooth workin’ you can’t get her to stop!


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