On the road again!

Mamma is gearin’ up for another road trip and this time it’s to Washington DC and Old Town Alexandria. Our Biscuit has left the Mammamobile from her previous road trip to Boston behind and has upgraded to an obnoxious pink Cadillac—Barbie Edition. Seriously, when Mamma B is behind the wheel of this baby she turns into a pug version of Lil’ Kim. Thank goodness we won’t be driving through Queens on our way down, the last thing I need is for Mamma to run over Nicki Minaj while blasting Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday song on the radio. Anyway, it’s time to hit the Interstate 95 and our destination is aunt Linda’s crib in Richmond, Virginia and cousin Charissa in Washington DC. Mamma intends on visiting the grand monuments along the outdoor mall (weather permitting) to show her patriotism. She’s also got a whole list of antique stores and second hand shops to visit so stay tuned, their might be a new “Christmas pick” post in the works for the near future!

See you all next week!

The Biscuits

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